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Basic Divorce Agreement

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For more information on divorce and separation, check out our articles in our self-help manual. In cooperation, both parties can use this document to record all the agreements they make regarding their divorce. There are sections such as spouse maintenance, division of property and property, child maintenance, custody and visiting plans. Contracting Parties should complete all applicable sections and provide all necessary information to both Parties to make informed decisions on their decisions and compromises. If there are prior custody or support orders or shared ownership agreements, the parties may include their terms in this Agreement by adding the relevant documents. The parties may also use this document to supplement and amend existing agreements. NOTE: Family allowances fall under the jurisdiction of the State and must be approved by a court before a party can change the amount of maintenance they pay. You should speak to a lawyer for advice and more information about the differences between divorce, support and separate support. You can opt for a written “disconnection agreement” between you and your spouse detailing the decisions and agreements you have made while living separately. A divorce template or sample divorce contract is a legally binding contract in which you and your spouse agree to the terms set out on the document. This agreement can cover a wide range of topics, including property sharing, child maintenance, custody, access, assisting spouses and more.

Once you have established the model of the divorce agreement, you can take it to court. Payments made are not tax deductible. Maintenance for the child is decided either in the conjugation agreement or by the president of the court. . . .

Cetak Artikel Ini Cetak Artikel Ini

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